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tv   Viewpoint  Current  March 19, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ theme ♪ >> today is the 10 year anniversary of the invasion of iraq and many of the administration officials are spending the anniversary polishing the medals they received after screwing things up. george bush celebrated by going to his local dennys dressed in a flight suit and ordering the grand slam breakfast. people have signed a petition objecting to comments on that c in my n perceived as sympathetic to the steubenville rapist. there is a number any rapist can
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call if they feel the stress. phillip roth is 80 and bob dylan's album was released 51 years ago today. if you're angry about the iraq anniversary, we're all 56 now. ♪ theme ♪ >> i'm john fugelsang. ten years ago the invasion of iraq began. we all know what followed, zambrano hussein's regime was top would u.s. troops found themselves in a quagmire as civil war broke out. the u.s. adopted a counter
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insurgency strategy. whether it really succeeded is till a matter of intense debate. there is no debate that it prepared the ground for a u.s. pullout, allowing president obama's spokesman jay carney to remind reporters today that this president fulfilled his promise to end the war. >> he fill filled that promise in a way that allowed iraq to have the best possible chance to provide for a better future. >> however in baghdad that better future must seem very far away. 19 car bombs blasted the city this morning killing 57 and wounding 190 more. you can add them to the casualties of this war. more than 4400 soldiers killed,
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32,000 wounded. this does not include civilian contractors or allied soldiers or thousands of u.s. troops suffering from p.p.s.d. on the iraqi side, there are no firm numbers but at least 122,000 iraqi civilians died as a result of the u.s. led invasion. meanwhile, president obama is now on his way to the middle east. the president prepared to board air force one for a trip to israel, the west bank and jordan. we'll peace may be on this president's agenda, israel prime minister is expected to focus on iron. in case anybody needed remounding fortune ministry told reporters. >> we face a very, very difficult challenge here because the iranian regime is committed to achieving nuclear weapons.
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the regime continues to march towards that goal. >> and according to the latest the pew poll, americans aren't afraid of a war to stop iron from getting weapons of mass destruction. better than 60% said stopping iron was important even if it meant taking military action. 25% said avoiding military conflict with iron was important, even if it meant seeing iron develop nuclear weapons. for more on the president's trip to the middle east, i'm pleased to be joined by two former diplomats, james jeffery served as our ambassador to iraq, turkey andal bain i can't as assistant to the president and at a deputy national security advisor and p.j. coli, a professor at george washington university and former special assistant for national security affairs. gentlemen, welcome.
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you served in baghdad in the worst years of the conflict as well as as am ambassador. what do you think of the situation in iraq today sir? >> as you said, it's complicated. iraq is better today than it certainly was 10 years ago or certainly was during my first tour. it is a functioning democracy. it's under a lot of pressure, but so is egypt, for example. it is still seeing violence, but these levels are extraordinary low compared to 2004, 2005 or 2006, 2007. the security forces have made progress. the country tosses problems. it is increasing oil. it will provide 45% of all new oil worldwide by the international agencies energy estimate over the next decade. the country has a real chance and hope that it never had under sadaam hussein. i would say that's a plus. >> jay carney said today while
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the iraq situation remains a challenge, there is a potential for a much better future than its past. do you think he's right? >> we don't know yet. we tend to focus on the first or second election where the most important ones are the third and fourth. do the people in power now peacefully transfer that power to somebody else. you've got a shia dominated government in order for iraq to get over it's tensions, it's got to give the sunnis a role in the political sphere. will they do that going forward. we tend to think when the war ends or when the troops leave object with your interest departs. this is going to be a generational drugle for iraq. it's going to take 10 years or more to get to the point that jim jeffery hopes and i hope that they do. we've got to be there to help them. >> do you think folks living in iraq right now are glad overall 10 years later that this
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invasion and occupation happened and sadaam hussein was depolessed. >> the vast majority particularly among the large major city who are shia, or kurdish are happy is a doom hussein was deposed. many suffered under sadaam, but some resent the fact that they no longer had the position they had before. nonetheless, over all people are happy is a doom was deposed. >> do folks on the ground harbor resentment against america for the large body count and injuries sustained during the world. >> the default position of most populations in most countries is resentment of america we're big, powerful, we make mistakes and they find us threatening even when we're not and iraq is no different. >> professor orecrowely, how bad do you think the failure to find weapons of mass destruction tainted the war effort for america's place in history?
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>> it certainly undercut the perception of legitimacy, but i think the larger problem was when the bush administration came in, i think it was appropriated for them to refocus on iraq and sadaam hussein. we were in too much of a hurry to go to war. we went to war with too few allies and i think we went in there without having an integrated military and political plan. the actual first phase of the war went pretty well. we had really no plan and insufficient troops to control iraq and return a government to power after the war ended. there are definitely lessons to be learned as we reflect on iraq, and the potential for future conflict potentially in
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iran. >> i'd love to get your thoughts, as well. >> i agree with secretary coli. we would have of course if we had found weapons of mass destruction, there would have been no question. if someone had told president bush that there were no weapons of mass destruction in iraq, he would not have ordered an invasion, i'm sure of that. that's what the intelligence said. it was wrong and we need to think about that. but again once we were in, we had a responsibility to not just walk away from the country and leave it in chaos. it was our job to try to help the iraqis get to the position where they are how to. it wasn't great but is better than it was before we went in or a few years ago. >> gentlemen, i could question you both about the iraq invasion and occupation all night but i do want to turn to the president's trip. it was reported today that chemical arms were used in syria. it hasn't been confirmed although the government and rebels are blaming each other for the and would attack.
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how big a development is this and would it force the u.s. to responds in a way it hasn't already? >> i'm very skeptical of that report. it is a firm red line, the president's been clear that if the syrian government crosses that red line and uses chemical weapons, it will have profound consequences, so i think we've got to be careful and wait until that report is either confirmed and i expect it probably will be refuted. >> thank you. ambassador james what are your thoughts. >> this points out that we need to get ahead of the daily news reports. sooner or later, we are going to be challenged, our red lines are going to be crossed. we need to act how to. this situation is going to get worse and worse and worse and
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threaten all our key interests in the region. we will wake up one day and find our red line has been crossed and we won't know what to do. >> president obama told american television that iran could get a nuclear weapon in under a year. do you think israel would be satisfied with a diplomatic solution? >> well, i think the two countries do look at this slightly different. if i'm israel, i look with grave concern about developments in iran, and the prime minister is right to be concerned about it. obviously, we from a further distance have a different perspective. the president i think will communicate to prime minister netanyahu that he still thinks there is time and is confident that if iran crosses the line from a potential capability that
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the president's policy is clear that we'll do whatever it takes to deny iran a nuclear weapon. i think he believes there's still time to resolve this short of military force. >> how do you feel about that? do you think israel will be satisfied with a diplomatic solution. >> i think israel would prefer if we use military force but if problem is able to get a verifiable agreement that will limit iran's excite to break out and enrich to weapons grade uranium, i think israel will accept it. >> gentlemen it's always a pleasure to learn your insights. i thank you so much for your time tonight.
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>> thank you very much. cenk: thank you. one of the few people who stood up against the war before you the started congressman barbara lee, and she'll join us next. billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to
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one such voice was representative barbara lee congresswoman of california. she holds the distinction of being the only member in congress to vote against the authorization for military force as well as the iraq war resolution. here she was today on the house floor, looking back over the past 10 years. >> it is my hope that this reckless and short-sight the decision will mark a turning point in american history and that we will never again wage an unnecessary war. we must use the tools of american power in resolving disputes including diplomacy and have sufficient congressional debate. we only debated this probably a couple of hours. we need more debate and oversight before ever putting another u.s. soldier in harm's way. >> we're happy to be joined by representative barbara lee, one of the company founders of the out of iraq caucus and one of the bravest voices. thank you for your time. >> happy to be with you on this
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very solemn anniversary. >> it is, but doesn't dim my appreciate for your service. can you please describe your emotions on this, the 10th 10th anniversary of the invasion? >> you know, i'm very i guess in a state really of sorrow. i'm thinking of the family and friends of the 4500 plus troops who lost their lives. i'm thinking of the countless iraqi civilians who lost their lives. look at our veterans who were injured for life and then look at the minimal resources we put up to care for them. in many ways, i'm very sad. i wish, john, i only wish that 10 years ago that the house had had the really gumption to hold off, do what i asked them to do in my amendment it only got 72 votes. i asked just to allow the inspection process to move forward. that process would determine whether or not there were
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weapons of mass destruction in iraq. well, of course, this rush to war stopped that process. we could have saved thousands of lives, i believe had they passed my amendment but again only 72 members of congress voted for that. i have to say during that period there were hundreds of thousands of people who hit the streets, who were opposed to this war. i can remember participating in many of the rallies and protests, so the poll numbers that said 80% of the people were in part of the war well, those polls sometimes may or may not be accurate, because there were hundreds of thousands of people all across the country who said no. they knew good and well there were no weapons of mass destruction in iraq. we knew that. and for the bush administration to go to the united nations and to put forth these what they called facts which were that misleading in connection, they hyped up the facts to make them almost real. people believed what they said
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when really they weren't facts. they were strictly hyperbole and this drum beat to war was a major disaster if you ask me. >> i do agree. other polls did say that up to 33% of americans were oppose said to the conflict. do you feel a sense of anger today amongst your colleagues in congress on this solemn anniversary, the people ignored and who had their pay patriotism questioned? >> i believe most members have learned it is lessons of the past, and i have talked to members who said never again would they allow an authorization move forward without a full debate. that's the problems i had with the resolutions that came before us after 9/11. that debate took maybe what, two hours at the most and here we committed under a blank check that gave the bush administration, now president
5:22 pm
obama and his administration the authorization to use force until we repeal that resolution, which is what i'm trying. that has been used for guantanamo bay it's been used for the authorization to use drones and so it's been used close to 50 times now so we need to repeal that. members of the congress now will be more diligent. it's the duty to declare war if we're going commit our young men and women to war. >> what was it like in 2003 to be a member of the opposition to this war congresswoman? you and ron paul were on the same side. how much vitriol was directed your way? >> plenty. one of the things that bothered me about that, i'm the daughter of a 25 year veteran. my dad served in two wars. i'm as patriotic as the next and
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wanting to make sure our young men and women were not put in harm's way with misleading information is as patriotic as you can get. committing acts of treason how can she go against her government. i say the fundamental right in terms of our democracy is the right to dissent and challenge our government. that's what democracy is all about. often times people forget that, and that's what it was like during that period. people called, sent hate mail, they are very, very nasty, you know. i say wow, you know, do they know what democracy really is and do they know how serious it is to commit our young men and women? hopefully the country has learned a lesson and hopefully we will be more careful and do our work to insure that we move towards global peace and
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security rather than creating wars all the time. >> representative barbara lee thank you so much for your time and service to the country on behalf of the citizen who was on your side 10 years ago. >> thank you very much, john. >> also joining us to discuss the iraq war 10 years later is senior fellow mr. eric bowl lard and director are americans organizing against the war. i'm thrilled you are here tonight. thank you for your time. eric you spent your life studying the media and monitoring them. it's being asked a lot but i think we still have to keep asking where was the mainstream corporate media besides phil donahue who got fired. >> because nbc did not want a corporate face someone who opposed the war so fired the number one rated talk show host
5:25 pm
six weeks before the war because they couldn't stand the thought of nbc being considered unpatriotic. the mainstream media were rushing to war. they were part of the problem. i wrote then, and i wrote this week, you know, president bush could not have sold this war without the mainstream media the so-called liberal hawks that the washington post, new york times essentially signing off on the war, you know, washington post publishing fine pro war editorials in the last couple months before the war, 26 in total, you know, the day after colin powell made that infamous just outlandish presentation to the u.n., four washington post-columnists cheered him saying there's no debate anymore. sadaam hussein has to be taken out. mainstream media was by far probably the worst failure of the last half century. >> war always good for ratings.
5:26 pm
i'd like to ask you about what the organization of women's freedom in iraq entails answered what are your thoughts today on this 10 year anniversary? i remember in 2003 when i decided to go back home, and the idea was that this war cannot bring anything good to iraq. you cannot bring anything good by bombing and killing. it's an arsenal of killing that was sent to the other side of the world. women cannot benefit from that. and besides we had the feeling that creating the vacuum in iraq would bring in the bad influences of the region, with some of them that come from saudi arabia, some from iran and that cannot be good for iraqi women. in the previous regime time, which was under a dictatorship, but still women were able to be educated, go to work and i'm an example of that. i was able to go to university,
5:27 pm
finish my degree and work and travel around the country looking the same way i'm looking now. but we knew that all of that will change and that new academics against women with him rise in the country in conflict zones and it turned to be the case, like trafficking of iraqi women, and it started immediately after the invasion. other issues like honor killings, which was fought really an iraqi story. >> i think the american media largely failed in telling the american people that iraqi women enjoyed much greater freedom under sadaam hussein than once they were liberated. maggie, you actually fought in iraq before joining iraq veterans against the war. can you explain the transformation you've experienced over the past 10 years? >> yeah, for me, i was 21 years old, 10 years ago waited to go
5:28 pm
to iraq. i was young and naive and idealistic and i didn't know that fox news wasn't fair and balanced, and you know, so a lot has changed since then. my experience in iraq, meeting iraqi people, seeing iraqi children, you know, and the first initial invasion, i believed we were there doing something good. looking back 10 years later, i can't help but wonder what's happened to all those children from the village after living through 10 years of war what must they think or feel now after seeing u.s. soldiers in their streets their whole childhood. >> maggie, eric spoke powerfully about how the media really was manipulated and helped sell this war. is there a sense of betrayal among your military comrades over the fact that they were deployed for this under familiars pretenses? >> yeah, i think there absolutely is a sense of betrayal. i think that often people in the military don't know where to put that blame.
5:29 pm
they don't really know, you know, who to point the finger at who to ask for justice from. they just know that the sacrifice that they made, their friends made, their families made was not worth what it was cracked up to be. >> and you know, earlier in the show, we had ambassador james jeffery talking about how most people in iraq are pleased and feel their lives are better in our. is is that something you'd agree with? >> whose life is better, i wonder. you have to go inside the green zone and see the new class that was created by the u.s. administration. those who are taking all our resources and leaving the rest of iraq hungry, only those are happy and not very happy because once they leave a green zone, they need armored cars in order to get away from explosions, one of are against them by the iraqi people. i wonder who is happy and where he gets his reports from.
5:30 pm
it's the same source of report that brought the weapons of mass destruction information, because like enough bullying the world with false reports. enough of that. we paid the price like half a million iraqis were killed because of those false reports and nobody is being held accountable. let him bring his source. >> eric, you've heard maggies story and of course unara's. do you think we're still seeing the same kind of spin being perpetrated on the american people that this was a victory that the folks in iraq are happy about it, that we're being told to feel good about the war. are we still seeing the same thing? >> on fox today, they were talking about what a success this was and this was george bush's crowning achievement. i think the pollles suggest that american people understand, they understood within two or three years that they had been sold a bill of goods. the question is what has the press learned and i'm not so
5:31 pm
sure. look at all the people who got the iraq war wrong all the columnists, they were the ones out trying to -- they're still taken seriously inside d.c., it's amazing, they got everything wrong about the world. >> i could talk to you all night about this. it's interesting to hear your brave stories. i think this conflict is going to continue even though our troops are home. thank you all so much for your time and your insight this evening. it's an honor to their from all three of you. another thing the media has gotten wrong school attacks. fortunately, the public may be evolving faster than cnn. that's coming up next.
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>> vermont is one of 31 states, hang on to your hats that allow men who have forward children through rape to petition for visitation rights of their offspring. imagine surviving being raped and deciding to keep the baby. if you live in vermont, this means the monster who forward the child has a right to continue to be a part of your life, the life he forced his way into in the most evil way. in technical legal materials this is a stupid, freaking evil law. two bills were introduced in vermont to prohibit rapists from obtaining visitation or custody rights to their rape conceived children. these bills could be known as the it's about time law and no, really it's really about time law. they should deny custody or visitation to the rapist. so w.t.f. to vermont would you pass these bills. these women have endured trauma,
5:36 pm
want to go through life at parents, not as victims.
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>> welcome back. a sexual attack is the fault of the attacker. it seems to have caught some folks at cnn by surprise. it broadcast the guilty verdict of two teenagers in ohio. >> it was incredibly emotional and difficult even for an outsider like me to watch what happened as these two young men that had such promising futures star football players watch as their lives fall apart. >> those poor young men. if cnn didn't see how they misplaced their sympathies, the public did. a petition calling for cnn to apologize that gathered 200,000 signatures. joining me few is zero lena
5:40 pm
maxwell. what was your reaction when ynn broadcast the verdicts the way they choose to. >> they had footage of the crime, so how do we have the footage of the crime boys and talk about the victim. that's what we should have been talking about the whole time is that the victim got justice. this is one of the 3% of cases that the victim actually gets a conviction on a rape charge. i think, you know, you know who else made the honor roll? the survivor in the case made the honor roll during the entire ordeal. cnn didn't even mention her at all. she should be the focus. >> 3%? >> 3% of rapists go to jail. 3%. >> i think it's pretty shocking. i want to be sympathetic to poppy harlow. items you're caught up in the moment, the tone comes out wrong. are you heartened that already nearly a quarter million americans were so offended by that. >> yes. >> that they've risen up and
5:41 pm
want an apology. >> we are all part of rape cult u. nobody is immune when it comes to rape. sometimes we have that knee-jerk reaction, these boys are young and the victim is young and she also has to recover and overcome all of this trauma. i think cnn should apologize and have a segment where they talk about blaming. >> you famously went on sean hannity's show when he talked about arming women to stop assault. wouldn't have helped this poor girl who was passed out drunk. what were you arguing? >> we should stop requiring women to do anything. guns is just the latest suggestion in which women can do a certain thing in order to prevent rape. with 80% of rapes happening when you know the person committing it, a gun is not going to help you on a date. >> so you're not saying that guns should be taken away. >> no.
5:42 pm
>> and not saying women shouldn't be allowed to arm themselves. >> no, if you want to go get a legal gun, go get it. it's not rape protection. it's probably not going to help you if you're in an intimate setting with an acquaintance and tea attack you. i get what you're saying, but a few of our fervent second amendment friends have made you suffer threats. >> i've been told i should commit suicide threatened bodily harm. i think that is offensive. they took what i said out of contest and put the word just in front of it. just tell men not to rape. that's not what i said. you're taking a legitimate point i said twisting it to mean something else and then attacking me and that's completely unnecessary. >> i'm thrilled to see a movement moving the focus from stop telling women how to
5:43 pm
prevent rape and start telling men not to rape. i'd like to see a movement going changing the terminology from victim to survivor. do you think that is feasible? >> yes, i do. many victims identify as a certain point and sort of transform into a survivor. so you can either self identify as a survivor right away or you can work through your trauma and identify later on as a survivor. >> dentify as a survivor. sometimes i use the word victim in this writing but it's powerful to call yourself a survivor, because you're overcoming something horrific. >> you do show women that every time you come forward every time that you admit this, every time you share it, it makes it that much harder for someone else to get away with it down the road. >> it's one in five women and one in four college age women. that's a lot of women. i'm not out here alone. i'm not the only one. there are to many women that have written to me conservative
5:44 pm
and democratic saying i don't agree with you on anything else, but this you're right. i'm going to keep talking about it. i think it's an important conversation. >> you're awesome, a understand you know it. >> we're going to talk about iraq and play a little game of who said it. that's ahead next.
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5:47 pm
>> 10 years ago today president george w. bush addressed our nation to announce military action in iraq, explaining to it is american people it was necessary to go to war and claim the lives of nearly 5,000 american soldiers and which countless iraqis. >> our nation enters this conflict reluctantly, yet our purpose is sure. the people of the united states and their friends and allies will not live in the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder. >> our purpose is sure. we were at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with mass murder or as
5:48 pm
donald rumsfeld remembers it today: >> liberated perhaps from this mortal coil. i'm pleads to still be joint by political analyst ms. maxwell and lauren windsor welcome to the show for the first time. >> thank you. >> i'm trying really hard to not use the word war. we haven't legally declared war since 1941 in this country. there was nothing constitutional about this. i'm trying to say the invasion and occupation. am i being too much of a stickler about it? >> you're going by what the documentation says. i think we need to be focusing on the fact that we were lied to and the consequences of that and
5:49 pm
all the money that was wasted and no, it's not a war. >> rick, you saw the donald rumsfeld quote. mitt romney said something similar a few days ago. let's talk about how the purpose of this war is being purposefully misremembered. we're being told now today all these reasons to feel good about the war. is it accurate to say that donald trump may have been the only republican to tell the truth what he said this was supposed to be a war for oil. >> he was accurate in part. there were a lot of reasons. those two quotes appeal compared to the things dick cheney had to sayness documentary running right now which absolutely curdled my blood. oil was a part of it, but there were many other parts. as you go through each one of the players you find each one had their own special reason for getting us into this nightmare. >> i wouldn't say i would condemn every politician who supported this, but in the case of cheney, bush, mitt romney and
5:50 pm
rush limbaugh, people who avoided military service in vietnam and then supported this war, do they get a special place in satan's party room? >> yeah, i would think so, but cognitive distance is par for the course for the republican party. it didn't surprise me. i was at cpac last week. >> in fairness, we have toage there were plenty of democrats to supported this, senator john kerry and hillary clinton. >> if you know the lies that dick cheney told his best friend, dick army, who was against the war at the outset, he was the majority leader in the house he convinced army to flip by lying to him. should we really expect hillary clinton to have known numb than what cheney was telling them? >> i knew. i was right and i was just a kid. >> but you didn't know. we all felt the same way. >> i listened to scott ridder,
5:51 pm
the u.s. inspector who said they weren't there. >> but when he convinced his best friend that was against it that there are things happening that you don't know about and sits there and lies to him. >> lauren, unfairness, do we have to castigate democrats evenly for this. >> oh, certainly. you'll find no argument from me. >> i'm standing up for hillary. >> i found her timing of her coming you the in favor of gay marriage on this particular anniversary. i do want to play who said you the. i'll read a quote and you tell me who you think said it from march of 2003. imagine you have a buzzer there. if the americans go in and overthrow saddam hussein and it's clean, he has nothing, i will apologize to the nation. i will not trust the bush administration again. who was it? >> bill o'reilly. >> that is correct.
5:52 pm
apparently he hasn't apologized for it. >> not on the air. >> we know how hard he lobbied to get george bush reelected. this is my favorite. i'm waiting to hear the words i was wrong from some of the westerly directions most elite journalists, politicians and hollywood types. >> joe scarborough. as you were saying it, i actually heard his voice. >> he bridges out a guitar and place his anti war song. >> con con did he send send of hollywood liberals. >> did you happen to see chris matthews today? >> yes. >> he did say that and he was there in his opening bit today excoriating the rest of the
5:53 pm
press. >> we had congressman barbara lee, not everyone believed it. you hear a lot saying back then we all thought -- owe it's not true, up to 100 million of us were against it. here's president bill clinton before the invasion. he said: >> lauren, how much blame do politicians who supported the war really deserve today and how much credit should be paid to those politicians who stood proudly against it? >> well, those that supported the war all the blame shouldn't go to them, so much should go to the media for being propaganda nazis. i have a term, sarah palin likes to call it lap dog media. i call it the blow job media. >> oh, really? and that would be.
5:54 pm
>> well, you know, you do certain favors for getting access, and. >> fair enough. you know what? i choose not to be offended by that, because i'm more offended by the war itself. i want to give a quote from the late senator ted kennedy who said my favorite thing in the world: >> another guy along with robert byrd who was completely opposed to the war. zerlina did they got into the white house because of the war? >> absolutely. both of them struggled in their campaigns and specifically hillary clinton that's the reason she's not in the white house. that's why the progressive left rallied behind barack obama. we all knew when talking about politician that is didn't know or knew, we knew. i was in u.s. foreign policy undergrad at the time and
5:55 pm
screaming at top of my lungs this is a lie this is a lie. certainly hillary clinton is not the president today because she couldn't see what we could all see. >> not going to stop her from being president in four years. >> no, and i don't agree that's why she's not president today. >> why didn't she get the nomination? >> she got beat, she got trumped and it had nothing to do with the positions on the war, really didn't. i take your point, i really do and i don't want to overly defend her. >> i'm a hillary fan. >> is that why hillary's not president? >> no, i just think that so many people wanted a black man rather than a woman in power like they were first in line. >> well, i guess we could debate it all night. zerlina maxwell and lauren windsor, thank you all for your great insights.
5:56 pm
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>> america's broke and it's the 10 year anniversary of the iraq invasion. if you're mad about the former, thank the millions of americans who supported the latter. the republican party is outraged over the deficits, although george w. bush never balanced a budget in eight years but of course these were freedom deficits. of a the credit card with no limit presidency of mr. bush, the credit card bill has arrived in your mailbox. it's called austerity. last decade, we had two wars off the books while cutting taxes for the wealthy. there are ways to fix our deficit, but don't hurt the poor and middle class a carbon tax creating capital gains and income. apparently we don't really hate


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